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Than you can draw? Perhaps, anyone can list a few dozen options, from very obvious to very exotic. But few will offer to paint... light on the matrix of the camera. Meanwhile, today is a very popular form of art, located at the intersection of painting and photography, and dubbed freezelight.


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This post is a cry from my soul. My cry. My suffering. I want photographers saw him, and listened. And if one of these monsters will change, the world will be saved. Too much they were mocking me. To tell how?

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Genre photography inherent to three main criteria:
The documentary, the history and story (that is - "what shown?"), the shape and composition ("how shown?").

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Any creative path raises doubts. Whether I do? There I go? Who needs all this? And in General - what to remove?!
Such questions are fettered and grieve the immature brain at the lack of answers - we want all at once, the universe provides "no," and then through the year.

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The art of photography is to capture and maintain authentic, reliable event the most unexpected and interesting way. To learn how to make interesting pictures while traveling, it is first necessary to carefully study the manual for your camera. Maybe it has some useful functions, which You don't know yet. You need to carefully read and not be afraid to press the button, to try to photograph, to see what this gives. Only with experience can achieve good results.

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Just grab your camera, turn on auto and shoot. Let the results in the beginning will be not very good, but you will gain basic experience, which you then will be very useful during the development of more advanced techniques of shooting.

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